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The main target of brand SINCLAIR is to bring comfort to the life of people of the Blue Planet, while protecting the environment. Thanks to the attention paid to research, development, manufacturing and product testing as well as to the after sales support, SINCLAIR has reached a high level of quality and reliability. 


Sinclair is a European brand with it's head office in Czech Republic but sold through out Europe. Sinclair Products in Africa are distributed by Metraclark. Metraclark is the largest Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Wholesaler in Africa.

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Residential Products

View our range of air purifiers, dehumidifiers, room and residential air conditioners.

Light Commercial
Air Conditioning

Sinclair has a full range of inverter light commercial air conditioners. These include Ducted, Cassette and Under Ceiling…

Commercial Air Conditioning

View our full range of Sinclair Commercial air conditioners. VRF, Inverter Rooftops Package Units, Chilled Water.

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Keyon Highwall

Keyon series offers great cooling and heating capacities with high efficiency with reasonable pricing. The unit comes with basic user functions like “I FEEL”, “8° heating”, auto restart etc. Keyon series also have Wi-Fi modules as standard accessories

Uni Split – Cassette

Cassette units used for double ceiling installation. Their dimensions correspond with usual ceiling panel’s dimensions. 4-direction air output secures great distribution of air even in bigger areas. Cassette units are available with capacities from 3,5 up to 16 kW.

Uni Split Floor Ceiling

As its name suggests, you can install floor-ceiling unit under the ceiling or vertically on the wall (like a radiator). We offer floor-ceiling units of capacities from 3,5 kW to 16 kW.

Uni Split -Ducted

Designed to be used in combination with ducts, those units are the best option for larger and more complicated installations, where proper air distribution is secured via the ducting. The capacity of duct units ranges from 3,5 kW up to 16 kW.